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Authentic Chiu Chow dishes, Unforgettable!


Chaozhou cuisine has always been a very popular Cuisine. Chaoshan area of a food culture, Chaozhou cuisine has long bepen understood by the public. Marinated Goose, frozen crab, the influx of a large platter, Chuanjiao chicken ... ev.erything is the people hanging shameful dripping.

CHIU guys "Chiu Chow restaurant in dense urban Golden Square has been operating for 12 years, with superb cuisine, delicious authentic cuisine, warm and friendly service x popular price, has won recognition and appreciation of the customer.

Shopkeeper a Chaozhou people, has a special affection junction of home cooking. To him, the most important feature of the Chaozhou cuisine is known for cooking seafood, choice of materials is extremely elegant. Take frozen crab-store selection are Vancouver Rouxie, and cooking through the traditional way people enjoy the color, smell and taste. As for sauce dish Zuo, The master also are handmade.

The Chaozhou guys "Zhendian treasure" brine "can be said pot vintage Since its opening, the owner and waiters every day it" love and care ". Matched with carefully selected local fresh duck before cooking clearing without light, fresh and not fishy, Yu delicious but not greasy brine duck.

Chaozhou porridge is full of the Chiu Chow local specialties dishes. The secret is fully cooked and not boiled rice soup in a rice capsules and legible. Eat up clear and smooth, and rice pleasant.

Round after round of delicious Chaozhou cuisine plus Chaozhou hospitality will make you feel good, away.